I know a world of self-obsession. Full of fashions, the unforgivably aggressive and those prepossessed by selfishness. I walk between buildings where I see no-more-than-children mocking and I wonder what their extended galaxies look like and if the believe they are the sun and the far away stars. Mostly, I notice the noise. Of tin, grinding, bubblegum and saccharine. All carcinogenic in their own doses and feeding the lethal, tumorous growth of waste in big society. I think in wonder about the fact that any two people in any two places could be drinking the same coffe from the same cup and how this supersedes and undermines all laws of chaos and disorder. Is it human nature to strive for a mediocre homogeny? Are we here to reverse natural order? We halt decay and differences. We fight hierarchies and yet we aren’t equal. Though we have created the good and the evil, I wonder where the good is. For, man is the sickness- the incurably bad. We make ourselves unhappy, enslave the earth and we call nature the villain (disease! disaster!). I was told once that plant is Queen and we serve an insect king. One, we clone and feed and fight for. The other grows more rapidly, is more populous than comprehension. 


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